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Winter Hyacinth Bakset with Card image

Winter Hyacinth Bakset with Card

Available to order from Prestige Flowers

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Step into a world of enchantment with our exquisite Enchanted Winter Planter. Nestled within is a captivating array of winter blooms, featuring the elegant Snowdrop flowers, each adorned with its unique delicate charm. Lovingly placed within a rustic wooden crate, this gift exudes timeless beauty and rustic elegance. Embrace the essence of the winter season with this planter – a delightful treasure that's sure to warm the hearts of anyone who receives it. A perfect embodiment of your care and consideration, it's an excellent choice for those you cherish, whether they're family, friends, coworkers, or mentors. Each flower is carefully cultivated, ensuring that the enchantment and wonder of this planter will last for an extended period. So, this season, let the Enchanted Winter Planter be your messenger of joy and appreciation.Included with this bouquet is a lovely personalsied card, so you can send your hearfelt wishes.
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