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Get Flowers Delivered On The Right Day

Get Flowers Delivered On The Right Day

Flowers make beautiful gifts and can brighten someone's day. Ensuring that the flowers you buy on line are delivered to the recipient on the correct day can take some preparation. This is especially true if the recipient has an irregular schedule or more than one home. However, even if it is worth a bit of digging and investigation it is worth sending flowers because they are an iconic show of affection, trust, love or respect.

Here are a few of our tips on making sure that your flowers are delivered on the correct day so they can work their magic.

Check their Schedule

Find out about the recipient's schedule. It goes without saying that you want your friend or loved one to be home when they receive their flowers. So find out when they will be at home and if necessary you can always arrange a weekend delivery or a delivery to their place of work. Coming home and finding dried up flowers on your doorstep is a sad occasion but being interrupted in a meeting with a bouquet can be a joy!

You do not have to ask the recipient when they will be around, you can check their outlook calendar if they are a workmate, ask a friend about their routine to find out when the best day is to have flowers delivered, or do some other legwork to keep the flowers a surprise.

See the Terms of Delivery

Check the details of delivery on the website. Some websites operate differently than others, for example some fair trade M&S bouquets are sent by ordinary post and do not have guaranteed delivery dates whilst other large bunches can be sent the next day or even the same day by courier. When you look at a florist's website make sure that you work out the precise method and day of delivery so that your flowers reach their recipient on the right day at the right time and not too early or too late. If flowers are sent in a box by royal mail, seasonal postal use or strikes can cause problems and delays, whilst courier sent flowers are more reliable.

Consider the Timing

Consider the context of your gift. If you get your partner flowers for example on their birthday but it is a week before Valentine's Day it might be better to give her the flowers for Valentine's Day and get her a different birthday gift. The seasonal timing and context of the occasion are well worth plenty of thought. Red roses are a romantic gift but better suited to an anniversary than a thank you and white lilys, although pretty, can be associated with funerals by many people so they would be an unsuitable get well soon bunch!

Choosing Flowers

We recommend going with favourite colours when you are picking flowers for someone or using the websites suggestions for different occasions. Everyone loves flowers so if you get tulip-lovers carnations they will probably forgive you for it. It is the thought that counts. If you find that you are on a website and struggling to understand the delivery terms or have a special request for your bouquet never be scared to call them and ask a few questions.

The Finest Online Florists

We compare flowers from these online florists. Select a logo below to go directly to the florists web site.

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