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What do flower colours convey?

red flowers


Red is an attention grabbing, assertive and passionate colour!
Red Flowers: Rose, Tulip, Carnation, Gerbera.

white flowers


White is a pure and clean colour. Often used as sympathy flowers as a sign of respect.
White Flowers: Lily, Gypsophila, Lily of the Valley, Rose.

pink flowers


Pink is a feminine colour often used as a sign of freindship or romance.
Pink Flowers: Carnation, Sweet Pea, Stock, Rose, Tulip, Gerbera, Lily.

yellow flowers


Yellow is a bright and cheerful colour.
Yellow Flowers: Sunflower, Daffodils, Orchid.

purple flowers


Purple is an unusual, flamboyant and mystical colour.
Purple Flowers: Forget Me Nots, Aster, Rose, Iris.

orange flowers


Orange is a flamboyant colour representing confidence and friendship.
Orange Flowers: Rose, Lily, Gerbera.