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flower delivery

Flower Care

Once you have received your flowers, the way you treat them will determine how long they will last for.

flower care

A good florist will include some written care details and a sachet of flower food, but there are other things you need to know to get the best out of your flowers.

Our 6 Top Tips to make sure your flowers last longer:

  1. Make sure the vase is clean
  2. Fill the vase with luke warm water and the flower food (usually provided by florist with the flowers)
  3. Cut at least 3cm off the bottom of the stem at an angle with a sharp knife
  4. Strip off all of the leaves below water level
  5. Avoid placing flowers in direct sunlight, in heat, in a draught or near fresh fruit
  6. Top up water as necessary

Your flowers should last longer if you follow our helpful tips. If you aren't happy with your flowers, don't hesitate to contact the florist who supplied them to you.

The Finest Online Florists

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