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Buying Flowers Online Rather Than By Phone

Buying Flowers Online Rather Than By Phone

Buying flowers on a website is much easier than buying them on the telephone. When you buy flowers online you can see what the bouquet or bunch will look like before it is delivered to your recipient and on the telephone you don't have that opportunity. So, if you are new to buying flowers online here are some tips on making the most of the experience.

Browse the Flowers

Enjoy browsing! Take your time and find a flower arrangement which looks closest to your ideal bunch. You can choose flowers which are your recipient's favourite colour or type and you can choose something based on how the final bunch will look in his or her home.

Consider the meaning of the flowers you buy. If you are not sure what your recipient's favourite colour is you can always choose flowers based on the meanings they inspire, white lilies are associated with funerals and solemnity, red roses with love and sunflowers and daisies are associated with youth and a sunny disposition? So, the flowers you choose will say a lot about how you feel about the person who receives them. Often a website will offer recommended flowers for specific occasions such as Mother's Day or a wedding anniversary so use the site's suggestions if you get stuck.

Save Money

Think about using discount codes or vouchers. Not all internet sites which sell flowers do so at the same prices and by using discount codesyou can sometimes get the same bunch you would have bought at full price for half price. All it involves is getting a code from a voucher site and then entering it or pasting it in to the small relevant box on the check-out screen and then, voila, you can grab a great saving.

Be careful when you choose the delivery date and time because this is another thing which varies from florist to florist. Some florists send boxed flowers by ordinary post and require you to input the date before you truly want the box to arrive and other sites require you to choose the delivery date. Increasing numbers of online florists are offering next day and express same day delivery too, so consider when and where you want your flowers delivered to get it absolutely right.

Seasonal Bunches

Choose flowers that are in season if you can, because sometimes sites show the same stock all year round. A friend bought his girlfriend sunflowers for Valentine's Day as they are her favourite flowers only to get a call on the day from the florist to say that they were not in season meaning she never got her flowers.

Although we recommend ordering flowers online, if in doubt or nervous, feel free to call the florist once you've ordered to make sure a technical glitch hasn't occurred. After all, buying someone Christmas poinsettia in June could be a strange romantic gesture but it could potentially only be possible due to a site mishap, rather than reflective of the florist's genuine stock.

By choosing flowers that are suitable for the season you will also avoid flowers shipped from foreign countries with larger carbon footprints. So seasonal British flowers are better for the environment and look great too.

The Finest Online Florists

We compare flowers from these online florists. Select a logo below to go directly to the florists web site.

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